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Clients & Testimonials

These are just a few of the clients we’ve worked with.

  • Pfizer
  • LifeCell Corporation
  • Orbitz
  • Marakon Associates
  • Emerson Resources
  • Rohm and Haas Company
  • Pillsbury
  • Diageo
  • Blockbuster
  • Wachovia Securities
  • Solix, Inc
  • KMC Telecom
  • The Reading Hospital & Medical Center
  • Family HealthCare Network of California
  • Natural Lands Trust
  • Digitas
Sue is fabulous. She delivers a consistently good product. She’s pragmatic in her approach -- she doesn’t overcomplicate things. Sue partners very well. She takes into consideration how what she is doing will fit into the larger strategy for the business. Sue is really talented and a pleasure to work with. Her approach really resonates with our leaders.

—Executive Director, Human Resources, Pfizer Global R&D

Sue is very insightful about people and their development; she’s a great coach. She asks critical questions that make you think about how you can do things differently and better. She approaches projects strategically. She thinks about the total business and the impact an individual may have on the business. Over time I have found Sue to be a true partner and a great teammate. She helps me to think about my organization and the management of my talent.

—President, LifeCell Corporation

Susan is a cut above other consultants because she is extremely intuitive and holistic. She connects all the dots between a culture, an organization, and an individual. She’s got a very broad view and at the same time she can be tactical and pragmatic when that’s called for. She is extremely intelligent and creative but she comes across as very down to earth. I’m just impressed with the ease with which she interacts. She’s very artful about her approach so that people aren’t put on the defensive. She builds trust. One of the most profound things I’ve noticed about Susan’s work in the company is that she is able to get managers more connected with their people.

—Vice President, Human Resources, LifeCell Corporation

I appreciate Susan’s style. She is conversational and practical, and that brings significant value. I like the partnership that Susan builds into her process. Her analysis of development recommendations is of a better quality and more substantive than others I’ve seen. She provides a strategic analysis but also helps with the tactics to make it actionable.

—Senior Vice President, Pfizer Global R&D

Sue builds trust. She has an ability to draw people out. She creates an environment where people can be open and talk about their challenges. She helps people say, ‘Hey, I’m not perfect – help me work on it.’ I truly see Sue as a partner. It’s almost as if she has as much invested in our success as we do. I’m assuming she works this way with everyone, which is why she is successful. It comes back to the flexibility and adaptability that she brings and her interest in really knowing her clients. I’ve worked with good consultants in the past, but Sue took that to an even higher level.

—Human Resources Director, Emerson Resources

Sue is very careful to take the time to understand the culture, the issues, and the people. She goes deep into the organization without being intrusive. She’s very sensitive to the protocol and to building relationships at the same time. She provides constructive feedback without being judgmental.

—Manager of Professional Development, Marakon Associates

Sue has facilitated personal discoveries and revelations that helped us to bond and become a more cohesive group. Her transitional coaching is just as helpful. I have recently transitioned to my role as President in the firm and Susan has helped guide me to think about how to take a leadership role. I’ve spoken to Sue about the different managers on my team and she was able to offer me a lot of insight. She broadened my perceptions of certain people, opening my eyes to certain strengths and weaknesses that I might not have noticed on my own.

—President, Emerson Resources

Susan has a different style. She is very personable, easy to talk to. She is more personally involved and tailors her approach according to the individual and the feedback. Susan makes people feel comfortable. She is insightful and gets to the key issues fairly quickly – to the point of surprising you. The result with my team is that people are communicating more openly and the teamwork is certainly on a higher level.

—Vice President, Research & Development, LifeCell Corporation

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