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Expanding Our Networks: 2012 in Review

In 2012, Sage Management Consultants have been active in a variety of professional networks through sponsorship, participation, and conference attendance.  As a practice, we are serious about our own development and have a goal to reach out more, interact, invest, and give back.  Here’s our year-end report card against that goal, click on each heading to read more:

  • Society of Consulting Psychologists,February, 2012

This division of the American Psychological Association applies psychological perspective to the consultant’s work with leaders, groups, and organizations.  Susan McKeone attended the society’s annual conference in February, 2012.  Thinking Beyond the Box: Integrating Insights From Other Disciplines, presented a rich agenda of experts across fields, expanding views and capabilities.  Of particular value, Susan learned and applied concepts from workshops on Leadership Transition, Storytelling in Organizations, and from the keynote of Cathleen Benko:  From Ladder to Lattice, Careers in the Changing World of Work.

  • Society for Human Resource Management, March  & December, 2012

Stephanie Crowley represents Sage Management Consulting as a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of SHRM.  The chapter provides professional development and networking opportunities for the area's human resource practitioners.  Stephanie attended the chapter’s annual symposium in March.  The event included a keynote by Facebook’s Head of Learning & Development:  “What It Means to be Social, the New Age of Employee Engagement. “  Other topics included identifying top performers and accelerating new manager productivity.  Stephanie also attended PSHRM’s December event: HR as Strategic Agents- Perspectives from Executives, which provided valuable insights and practical applications from executives at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Bristol-Meyers Squibb.

  • Villanova University Annual Human Resources Networking, April, 2012

Sage Management Consulting is Villanova proud!  Susan McKeone, Stephanie Crowley, and Susan Lokey all received an MS from the university.  In April of 2012 we were proud to give back as sponsors of the Annual Human Resources Networking Session.  The session topic, Strategic Succession Planning, was highly relevant to Sage work and we valued the opportunity to interact with others also working in the field.  Portions of our sponsorship benefited a scholarship program.

  • Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, May & November, 2012

This diverse association of women who work in the healthcare industry got Susan McKeone’s attention as she realized it was a common networking forum for her clients.  With a vision to become the premier catalyst for leadership development of women in the life sciences, it seemed a natural fit for our practice development goals too.  Now members of the Philadelphia chapter, Stephanie participated in a session on “Strengthen Your Corporate Image” in May and Susan participated in a session on “Personalized Medicine” in November.

  • Network of Women in Computer Technology, June 2012

Susan Lokey is an active member of this network, dedicated to establishing professional contacts and to sponsoring events that promote professional development.  She attended the 31st annual conference in June, 2012 which featured the key note address, “Living a Career with Purpose,” by Beverly Prohaska.

  • Cranaleith Spiritual Center, October 2012

Cranaleith Spiritual Center is a retreat environment serving those who need recovery or renewal, whether from trauma or hardship, or from the everyday stresses of leadership and life’s work.  Their one of a kind, “Work & Spirit Series” brings professionals together to contemplate purpose and well-being in the context of career.  Earlier in the year, Susan Lokey completed the Master Seminar in the series, “Psychodynamics of Systems.”  Sage Management Consulting is very proud to be one of the benefactors whose funds helped to raise the roof of a new conference center for the organization, a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy.  The Mercy Conference Center was dedicated on a beautiful weekend in October and Susan and Chris McKeone were glad to attend the ceremony. For more about Cranaleith, see:

  • Philadelphia Human Resource Planning Society, Nov, 2012

The premier Human Resource forum in the region, the PHRPS is a strategically focused network of HR executives and innovators.  Sage Management Consulting is a proud sponsor of the professional organization.  Susan McKeone and Stephanie Crowley found particular value in attending the annual Leadership Forum of PHRPS, held November 1st, featuring Dan Pink, author of the essential contemporary view on motivation, the book Drive.    Additionally, Stephanie Crowley attended PHRPS’s Quarterly Leadership program, Leadership Agility - HR’s Role in Creating the Agile Corporation in which today’s increasingly competitive and complex work environments compel leaders and companies to be strategically agile.

  • Institute of Cultural Affairs:  Virtual Facilitation

Susan Lokey participated in The Institute of Cultural Affairs sponsored workshop called "Technology of Participation (ToP) Virtual Facilitation Boot Camp".  Participants are applying technology to improve how we lead geographically-dispersed teams, client engagements, or virtual events that need a high-level of participation and collaboration in order to be effective. 

- Posted Dec, 2012

Sage Management Consulting's Talent Growth

Our clients know we’re the firm that comes to mind when the goal is growing leadership talent, but this year the Sage practice grew in talent as well!  We are very pleased to announce and welcome the addition of two to our staff in 2011: Susan Lokey and Stephanie Crowley.

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Susan Lokey joined our staff earlier this year as a Senior Associate Consultant.  She comes to Sage with more than 30 years of corporate experience in the chemical industry.  As an organization change and team effectiveness consultant, Susan brings a unique and broad skill set in change management, global team building, leadership and business problem-solving.  She has a proven record of providing trusted, practical advice and leadership on a variety of large-scale organizational transformations such as mergers and acquisitions, enterprise information technology system implementations (ERP/SAP/BW) and corporate improvement projects based on Six Sigma methodology. She has worked on projects involving new product development, quality improvement, pricing analytics and business intelligence.

At Sage, Susan Lokey will be focusing on client-specific services to build team dynamics and effectiveness, as well as offering professional services in the management of organizational change.  In 2011 she created and implemented a team dynamics protocol for project teams with a Sage client, resulting in an improvement of team function.  Looking ahead, Susan’s goal is to grow Sage expertise and practice in team and organizational environments.

Stephanie Crowley joins Sage Management Consulting as Practice Development Manager.  Stephanie’s experience as a human resources professional gives her the insight and perspective that comes from working with various organizations and for shareholders with diverse and custom needs. She’ll put her adaptability skills to work in her role as she focuses on developing the Sage practice.  Stephanie analyzes industry thinking and trends to keep our professional skills and knowledge well honed.  She also keeps an eye on business development for the firm, managing initiatives for growth opportunities and representing Sage Management Consulting within industry organizations.

- Posted Dec, 2011

Supporting Innovative Leadership Model at Pfizer

Throughout 2010 Sage Management Consulting has had the opportunity to provide unique leadership and development consulting services that support an uncommon leadership model being used in Pfizer Global Research & Development (PGRD).

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As a result of the company’s acquisition of Wyeth pharmaceutical company in 2009, Pfizer is managing integration along several factors:  integrating corporate cultures, straddling dual or multi-site locations for the PGRD organizations, and developing medicines by both biologic and pharmaceutical processes. In many of these dichotomous situations, Pfizer has decided to drive the integration through pairs of leaders tasked to align and co-lead. Co-leadership, especially in an integration setting, has many benefits.  Members of the organization from either side of an aisle can feel represented by the co-leadership model.  Co-leaders can share the burdens of management and leverage the complementary skills of their partners.  However, as you might expect, building the trust and collaborative skills needed in a co-leader model requires intense commitment from both members of the pair and a willingness to adjust to new ways of leading; it isn’t always easy.  Susan McKeone was engaged by Pfizer executives to develop strategies and practices to support co-leaders in building a successful partnership.  Susan developed a program consisting of feedback, coaching, assessment, reflective sharing and commitment, as well as facilitated strategic dialogue for each of three co-leader pairs for Pfizer.  Susan:  “After eleven years of consulting to Pfizer leaders I am very excited to provide this level of service in supporting an organizational innovation.  I am able to use my skills as a coach, executive assessor, and team builder as well as the deep knowledge I have acquired over the years of Pfizer’s history and culture.”

- Posted Sep, 2010

Sage Management Consulting Sponsors Women's Way 8th Annual Fall Gala

Founded in 1977, Women's Way is the country’s oldest and largest women’s funding federation, and Susan McKeone has been a supporter of Women’s Way since 1990. “I started making small $10 donations at the start of my career because I believed in the mission of the organization to uplift the community through services to women and the families they support.” says Susan.

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As her career has matured and grown throughout the years Susan has continued to support Women’s Way, and is honored to announce that Sage Management Consulting will serve as an event sponsor for the Women’s Way 8th Annual Fall Gala on September 24. “As a woman entrepreneur, I feel privileged to be able to invest in enriching other women’s lives and livelihoods,” says Susan.
The Fall Gala, a black-tie event, will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City, Philadelphia at One Logan Square. Learn more about Women’s Way or make a contribution today.

- Posted Sep, 2010

Sage Management Consulting Celebrates Ten Years as a Global Consultant to Pfizer

Sage Management Consulting has enjoyed a decade of providing leadership development services to various research lines in the Pfizer Global Research & Development (PGRD) organization. Throughout that time, over 100 Pfizer leaders have developed their leadership competency through the benefit of a Sage Leadership Development Plan.

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As the principal consultant in delivering this body of work, Susan McKeone has been rewarded to see how Pfizer leaders have grown their careers and increased the impact they make on their organizations and in the science of discovering and developing medicines. In 2009, Susan worked with 20 Pfizer leaders at Vice President & Director levels and has had the pleasure of visiting PGRD locations at Groton, CT; La Jolla, CA; St. Louis, MO; and Sandwich, England.

- Posted Oct, 2009

Susan McKeone Facilitates a Leadership Forum on Culture for the LifeCell Corporation

Susan has had the great privilege of serving as an adjunct member of the Senior Management Team for the LifeCell Corporation in 2009. Since 2006, Susan has served as a key HR strategist for the company and provides leadership development and talent management services to the company’s senior leaders.

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In October of 2009, Susan designed and facilitated a Leadership Forum for the company. Held in Lambertville, N.J., the forum was the first meeting of its kind for LifeCell, bringing together the top 60 leaders to explore the company’s culture and its impact on LifeCell’s success. LifeCell Corporation is a world leader in regenerative medicine. 

- Posted Oct, 2009

Sage Management Consulting Co-hosts Great Leader Workshop Series

Sage Management Consulting partnered with K HR Solutions to deliver the Great Leader Series, a series of three dynamic leadership workshops in early 2009. Speakers and participants represented accomplished corporate leaders from various companies including Colorcon, Merck, Harleysville Savings Bank, Grand View Hospital, and LifeCell Corporation.

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In the first workshop of the series, participants developed strategies to identify and build their own talent and manage the talent of those they lead. The second workshop explored the strengths and styles of successful leaders. In the final workshop of the series, participants learned how to effectively communicate by assessing the impact of personality, gender, and generation.

- Posted Oct, 2009

Susan McKeone Featured on

Sage Management Consulting Principal Susan McKeone contributed to the Human Resources section of as a guest author. Her article, Becoming a Sage: the Keys to Life-long Self-development, describes the development practices that successful people employ to ensure continued personal and professional growth throughout their lives.

-Posted Oct, 2009

Sage Staff Renews Commitment to Personal & Professional Development

At Sage Management Consulting, we focus on the career development of others, but we also take time to develop our own careers. Principal Susan McKeone and Project Manager Cindy Lehman continue to develop their professional skills. Here’s a look at what we’ve done recently:

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  • New tools for exploring authentic leadership

In October 2008, Susan attended a course at the Authentic Leadership Institute at Harvard Business School called Finding Your True North. One of Susan’s premises is that every leader’s story is unique and true leaders create their own authentic approach. Finding Your True North provided Susan with new tools for exploring these premises even further. The course culminated in participants defining their life’s purpose and creating a plan to live it. Susan’s purpose: “Inspire others to acknowledge grace in their lives and live with hope for the future.”

  • Finding purpose and balance at work

Susan and Cindy took some time to reflect on purpose and balance in their professional lives at the Work & Spirit Day Retreat at the Cranaleith Spiritual Center in Philadelphia. With an underlying spiritual perspective, the program provides time and space for individuals to reflect on purpose and balance in their professional lives. Susan will return to Cranaleith in the Fall of 2009 to explore the use of poetry in executive coaching under the facilitation of long time mentor, Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn.

  • Seeking feedback

With the goal of understanding client perspectives, Sage Management Consulting regularly engages professional marketer Eileen Coale to interview clients about their experiences with Sage. Through this practice we not only gain insight into what clients value most about their relationship with Sage, but we also glean specific ideas for adding even more value to the client relationship.

  • Improved productivity through one-on-one coaching.

Mastery Consulting’s Leslie Robison helped us improve productivity. With Leslie’s help, Susan and Cindy reconsidered office systems, workflow, and time management.

Susan also benefits from a long term relationship with Lesley Wendell of Rosewood Consulting Group which has included feedback, personality assessments, personalized development planning and coaching focused on Susan’s career and her leadership in client organizations.

- Posted 2009

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