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Our Philosophy

At Sage Management Consulting, our core philosophy is in our name: Sage = wise through reflection and experience

Our Clients

Our clients are leaders who change the world today and become the talent of tomorrow. They are brilliant scientists leading the development of drugs and medical advancements for tomorrow's cures. They are innovative engineers shaping the world around us. They are savvy business leaders, reinventing work models that support excellence in industry. As varied as our clients are, however, they all have one thing in common -- they understand that to make a difference in the world, they must challenge themselves as leaders to steward talent and effectiveness in thier organizations.

Our Approach

Sage Management Consulting helps organizations and individuals in all aspects of developing and deploying talent. Our approach to leadership and team development is based on two fundamental premises. First, individuals must be aware of the impact they have on others. Second, they must be given challenging and diverse career experiences. When both components are present, the result is the leadership talent you need for your organization.

Our Solutions

There is no other company in the world quite like yours, so we won’t offer you common programs. Our custom solutions are tailored to fit your business goals, your talent pool, and the career experiences inherent to your organization. We identify the existing systems that work well and then we capitalize on them. In partnership with you, we develop the tools that complement and leverage your organizational strengths to maximize your organization's effectiveness.

Your Results

Ultimately, results count the most. At Sage, we help you to bring out the best in your organization so your organization can do what it does best. We'll help you grow leaders and build teams that can expand your organization's capabilities, and, in turn, change lives.

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