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Consulting Solutions

Leadership Development Planning

Our clients tell us that the Leadership Development Plans we create are among the most significant development experiences of their careers. We collect the unique perspectives that colleagues share about a leader and we deliver the feedback in ways that allow people to capitalize on their strengths and serve as a catalyst for positive change. Our customized assessment and development recommendations are based on real opportunities that build real growth and advancement.

Feedback and Coaching Programs

Whether we custom design a survey-based development tool for your company, or use one that’s already available, our facilitated feedback programs and insightful supportive coaching help to develop leadership behavior and increase effectiveness.

Transitional Coaching

Helping leaders move up or take on more is what we do best. Our expert support helps a leader to begin a new opportunity on the right foot.

Leadership Retreats

Our innovative retreats allow your team to cut out the distractions and focus on the team's dynamics and capabilities. Custom designed events balance intense hard work in learning new skills, building team dialogue, and developing strategy, with fun team activities to get everyone out of the box.

Talent Management

One of our key areas of expertise, Sage can build and execute systematic processes to review your organization’s talent and plan for the future.

HR Strategy

Sage consultants assess needs and deliver strategic plans to build your company’s human capital. Potential emphases include strategies for communications, training, recruiting, mentoring, culture change.

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